Young Living Essential Oils


Young Living Essential Oils are the best in the industry. Check out our collection, and find the perfect one to take home. 

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SeneGence Cosmetics


Products that help rather than harm your skin. Products that are tested for results.

100% satisfaction guarantee! Our SeneGence cosmetic line has no lead, no GMO, and is never tested on animals. We think that is pretty amazing!  

Sacred Earth Botanicals


An earth friendly line of professional massage therapy products with a  focus on certified organic ingredients. We offer our customers peace of mind knowing their massage products have been thoughtfully developed with the health of the therapist, client, and the environment in mind. 

Farm House Fresh Goods


Farm House Fresh grows high nutrition skincare extracts, using sustainable methods  including hydroponic, aquaponic and organic farming.  Zero pesticides  are used, and very little water. We extract quickly. Cucumbers  are picked and become extracts for our products within hours to ensure  vitamins are at their peak, and then the very same day, the pulpy  leftover cucumber rinds are fed back to the chickens! It's a zero waste  process that we're very proud of. 



Biofreeze is the #1 clinically recommended external pain relief product.  For over 25 years, Biofreeze has been the secret weapon of leading  clinical professionals, athletes and now you, providing cold therapy  pain relief for sore muscles, back aches and sore joints. 

Gift Certificates


Give the gift of relaxation for every occasion.  Available to purchase and print or email from our online store.